Well, this weekend is the Doki Doki Anime convention in Manchester, at which I’ll be catching up with other creators, meeting new ones and, most importantly, showing off the draft of my print comic ‘Memecasters’ to potential distributors!

Following that is probably the North West’s most important comic-related occurrence, the annual Thought Bubble Festival; The aim is to get all editing to the comic done before then, with printing occurring shortly after in time for me to get the comic to shops in time for people to buy it for Christmas!

Also, I was wondering if anybody had any good leads on e-stores through which I can sell copies of the comic? Drop me a comment or a tweet if you can recommend one, please!

Right, time to go finish the ironing and then it’s off to bed, to prepare for the new week. Weekends seem to just fly by, these days! Probably has something to do with the fact that I wake up after noon… Time to design a better alarm clock, methinks.