I suppose it is, by now, a cliché to say that everything must end to allow the new to take root. But finally finishing off something, whether it’s a book, a game, or something that you’re working on is always so exciting. It means you’ve accomplished something, that you’ve borne it out to the end and maintained the effort required to do so.

Then there’s the excitement of what you’re going to work on next. Maybe you’ll choose a different book, or you’ll revisit a game that you’ve neglected for a long time. In my case, I get a couple of pages’ breather where I get to try something completely new, followed by a brand spanking new story arc that I’m really pleased with (having actually written the script beforehand, instead of just plot outline). On Friday, I’ll be telling a story as the Accountant, and the Monday after that I’ll be experimenting with new photoshop techniques to produce a ‘cover’ for the new arc, ‘Dreamland’. It’s not so much a break in that I’ll be doing less work: It’s a break in the routine, a chance for me to do something completely different. That’s what I find most exciting: Variety.

But anyway, I must away to bed. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Miscalculation arc, and are looking forward to the next one!

That reminds me, must formalise my marketing strategy for the next arc… *plotplotplot*