Congratulations! If you are reading this, the nameservers have correctly propagated to your particular corner of the world, and you will be experiencing the shiny new server, with better reliability, better performance, and better support! If you’re not reading this, well… You’re missing out! 😛

Let me know if you spot anything that’s not right, and I’ll rectify it. The site is aaaalmost back to the way it was, but it’s missing a bit or two here and there. It’ll get there!

Anyway, I promised you a painting from Monday, and a painting ye shall have!

Chi Lin Nunnery Gate

Chi Lin Nunnery Gate



It’s a gate in Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong. I took the photo because I liked the contrast between the Tang-dynasty temple construction, and the modern building looming over it. Might’ve been better to omit the tower, though! But still, I learned a bit more about working with acrylic, and I had fun and a good de-stress while I was at it!

Enjoy the new site, guys! I’ll catch you on Monday!