Although I’ve been really busy during the last week, I’ve found that I’m actually getting more rest, ironically because I’m getting LESS sleep during the evenings. The result is that I’m actually tired enough to take a nap on the bus home from work which, thanks to the schools being back and peoples’ schedules reverting to normal, can take up to an hour. So I actually get a good proper chance to catch some sleep which actually makes me feel a lot better later on in the day. And if I get a decent amount of rest, I find that I’m less worried about life in general, I’m not as depressed about love or art or money, and I’m far more productive in the evenings.

Of course, most people tell me I could still up the amount of rest I get; I could certainly get much more night-to-night sleep, and during my waking hours I could definitely use some time just to sit down, even for half an hour, and watch the TV for a bit.

Or I can sleep when I’m dead because it’s for the weak 😛

I might go and have a bit of a nap right now, actually… Ciao, all!