So, this weekend I had the chance to pick up my bass guitar again in the name of charity. In a combined high-school reunion and charity gig, we managed to raise over £700 for The Beatson Charity, a Scottish group that helps fund cancer treatment and more.

The event itself was excellent- in addition to some spectacular displays of generosity, it was absolutely fantastic to see some folks I hadn’t caught up with in over a decade. People seemed to be getting on with life pretty well, and I was genuinely happy to get hugs and handshakes from folks I used to be pretty damn close to.

Aaaaand then it was my turn to play. My old pal Stu and I elected to attempt Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag, with him providing the bass while I attempted to play chords in the upper register of the bass.

It… Did not go well. Although we’d practiced for about a week, in the four years I haven’t been practicing I’d completely forgotten what it was like to perform on-stage. Even though I’d nailed it practicing at home, I just couldn’t marry together my singing and my bass-playing simultaneously, resulting in one of the worst, most humiliating performances I’ve ever delivered.

Fortunately, everyone else performing that night was absolutely spot-on, so we were merely a musical blip on the programme, and like I said we managed to raise a lot of money for a good cause (which a less self-centered person than I would have based the article around, but I’m gonna wallow in self-pity for a bit, dammit!). What the performance highlighted to me was just how far I’ve dropped in terms of skill and musicianship.

That’s something I just can’t stand for.

And, so, you can be damn sure I’ll be practicing my instruments again. God only knows where I’ll find the time, but I’ll manage somehow! I used to be so good – and I reckon I can be just as good again. I just need to do the work!

Ah well, here’s hoping I get to do some more work that helps charities around here. Whatever happens, it was all worth it if the money goes to help somebody get a new lease of life, to get the help they need, to save someone’s loved one and give them more time with each other. Them’s good feels, lemme tell ya!

Anyway, I’d better dash now. See you all on Friday!