Hello all!

First of all, apologies if you’ve had trouble getting onto the site; The host is currently dealing with some database issues, and they’re working on resolving them. Still better than the previous hosts, I reckon!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking recently about teachers, and how they have affected my development. I’ve had so many damn good teachers, who not only trained me in the skills I need to do what I do, but also inspired me to aspire to greater things. Along with my family, without the following people I would not be the person I am today:

Mr. Glen
High School Physics
For inspiring my love of science and engineering, and teaching me that it is not enough to know something, but to question how it works. For instilling discipline in me, and also showing me that science and engineering can be as creative as the arts.

Mrs. Badger
High School Music
For teaching us all how to sing, and for encouraging me to develop my musical talents further. For dedicating herself to educating and encouraging young people in music, both orchestral and choral.

Mr. Sloan
High School Music
For providing support to us when we were organising concerts, for treating us like grownups, for putting in so much effort in making sure that our high school was one of the best schools to be a musician at.

Mr. Keltie
High School Chemistry
For teaching us scientific rigour, and engaging with us at the same level. You managed to walk that thin line between being a teacher, and being a dude.

Mrs. Mowatt
High School English
Without you encouraging me and giving me just that little bit of freedom to do my own thing, Mrs. Mowatt, I do not think I would’ve become a writer or creator. Your advice and influence have guided and encouraged me all these years. I hope one day, you’ll see my work on a shelf somewhere, and you’ll be proud of me.

Mr. Young
High School Young Enterprise
I think you, out of all teachers, probably had most faith in me. Your guidance allowed us to create memories, not just for ourselves, but for hundreds of other students. Some of the best days of my life, I think you helped to create.

Mr. Jones
High School History
For instilling a genuine joy in the study of the past, and for having such a positive, joyful approach to life.

Mrs. Seath
Piano Teacher
You were the very first music teacher I ever had. Without you, and the strong direction you pointed me in, I would not have been the musician I am today.

Mr. Alcock
Double Bass Teacher
I love being a bassist, and I love being a musician. I hope that, one day, I can return to playing as much as I used to, in an orchestra with talented musicians.

Mr. Alexander
Piano Teacher
As much as I’m sure I frustrated you, your lessons never ever went unheeded! You refined my piano playing, and helped me reach new heights of skill and ability.

Mr. Taylor
Musical Theory
George Taylor. You are a legend. How many other people on this list did you teach? Your lessons have stuck with me, and though I don’t write as much music as I used to, I know how to do so thanks to you.

Mr. Liddel
Trombone Teacher
You instilled a love of jazz in me, and were a general, all-round nice guy. I’ll never forget the time I saw you throw a man across the room. Hilarious.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. There are so many teachers I feel have had a massive impact on me and my development, and I think this list has gotten quite long enough already! Suffice to say, I have been blessed with people who have helped me on my journey. I’m going to make you all proud, I swear it.

Thank you!