Aloha all, hope you’re having a great December! I’ve had an entire week of holidaying in my flat, and I’ve had plenty of time to get the next few pages of Elf Blood done up to keep up to date while I go back to Glasgow for Christmas. I’ve even managed to squeeze in some baking! I have now added Madeira Cake and Hazelnut Praline to my culinary repertoire.


Anyhow, time to hit the hay so I can get up bright and early tomorrow to draw the Elf Blood Christmas Presnet, which you can open on December 25th ­čÖé Quite looking forward to going home, seeing friends and family, and also writing the script to next year’s first print project: Lemon Candies, a violent allegory of drug addiction and power abuse. I’ve even dusted off an idea I’ve been turning over in my head to be developed into a visual novel, which should be fun to tinker with in my spare time. It’s not quite steampunk, but it does take place turn of the 20th Century┬á Europe in a universe where gunpowder was never discovered, with magic taking its place. We’ll see how that goes, eh?

Right, I leave you in the hands of the ever-increasingly rampant Mansonbot. And I swear, if he messes up the server again I will TAKE HIS MOTHERBOARD and INSERT IT in his RAM SLOTS. /hardwareThreats

Have a great Christmas, everyone!