Let me tell you what absolute bliss is:

It’s finding out that your new workplace is pretty damn chill, the work is interesting, and the company really does need your precise skillset. And you get a chance to demonstrate it!

It’s spending a nice quarter hour sitting on the steps of Glasgow Royal Concert Hall as the sun sets on Sauchiehall street, sipping an iced latte and listening to a classical guitarist.

It’s meeting up with an old pal, and meeting a new pal, and going for a nice meal.

It’s going to Rufus T. Firefly’s, singing along with Sum 41 on the jukebox, and watching some terrible/awesome mid-90s wrestling on the TV.

It’s sitting in the sun at a friend’s new house, bbqing some home-marinaded pork-chops and playing with his kitten.

It’s catching up with a bunch of pals you’ve not seen in years, and having a good old chat about… Nothing in particular. Just enjoying the good weather and the good times!

I. Love. Glasgow. I love my friends, I love my family, and they make me love life right now!