Well, after an unusually long winter period, it looks like we’re FINALLY getting a little bit of spring. I won’t deny it’s still a touch chilly, but at least for the last couple of days I haven’t had to have the heating on.

There’s something particularly draining about winter. Odd coming from somebody who lived in Scotland, I know, but over the last few months I’ve gotten back from work and been unable to discipline myself into doing all that much. I’m so far behind in my print work that I’m never going to get it released this year, and so there’s no point in me attending any conventions to sell stuff. There are so many other projects I’ve been neglecting. All because I feel I can’t be bothered.

Sometimes I wonder how I let myself get to this point. I used to be so passionate about art, writing, and music. These days though, sometimes it feels like a real chore. It’s happened before, of course; But right now it feels like everything is ganging up on me, to rob me of my energy, my money, my spirit.

I won’t be beaten, of course. It’s my life, and I’m not going to be bullied and pushed around by ‘normal’ life. Maybe the longer days and warmer weather will help me feel better about it all.

Ah well, back to work today I suppose. Gotta keep that food on the table.