Hey everyone,

Before I launch into my rant, I just wanted to explain this page a wee bit – Now, I know that my very good pal Masati will tell me off for adding to my list of projects, but this one works in conjunction with my current drive towards creating enough stuff to sell at conventions and comic fairs etc. Now, when I were a lad, there was (and maybe still is) a company that produced a line of vinyl stickers, branded “Hook-Ups” – they were manga-styled and aimed at the skater market, and they wound up on my bass guitar. However, looking at them now, while stylish, they aren’t exactly the most… enlightened of designs.

This led me to the idea of pursuing vinyl stickers. I’m sure the market for stylishly designed stuff you can stick to other stuff will never truly die, but social mores of course change. And I thought, “Why not keep the stylish part of the designs and minimise the sexualisation? And, while we’re at it, why not branch out and incorporate designs that will appeal to a broader demographic?”

Anyway, while I’m thumbnailing designs and figuring out what might be appealing, I thought it’d be an interesting wee exercise to do some research on graffiti-styled writing. This is the result – what do you think? Hot Vinyl is what I’m proposing to name the brand, and ‘Ethical Cheesecake’ would be the name of the first collection of designs. The idea being that you could buy the whole collection at a discount rate, or just purchase them one at a time. There’s more research to be done on costing and market appeal, but at least it’s something I can fit into an office lunchtime and not sacrifice valuable creating time elsewhere!

Right, rant time. EVERY. FUCKING. WEEK. We have something new and devastating. Last week it was Trump announcing that ‘Torture Works’. This week, it’s the unilateral application of this fucking moronic Muslim Ban (which they’re not calling a Muslim Ban but let’s face it that’s what he’s implementing here) which is causing untold FUCKING HAVOC with people of all stripes and means. Not to mention the fact that DETENTION CENTRES and INTERNMENT CAMPS have once again been set up on American soil. The Japanese-American community would like a word with you, Trump.

Then, it suddenly hit me during lunch today (second day of Chinese New Year, gong hei faat choi to you all): All it takes is for Trump to have one bad diplomatic day with Beijing – and he will, because he’s ALREADY DELIBERATELY PISSING THEM OFF – and BAM! Me, my sister, and my mother are suddenly on a no-entry list.

Do I profess to love America? Ehhhh. I love New York, because I’ve been there and admire its cosmopolitan spirit. Hell, I went to Lady Liberty, fully expecting to be underwhelmed, and damn near ate my hat because you know what? She is a powerful fucking symbol. Ellis Island, too, was an emotional trip, realising how much promise this new world had to so many people from the old world (stolen sovereignty from the native Americans most definitely notwithstanding, but that’s a different rant for a different day). My favourite city in the world is Glasgow, because I live and love here. My second favourite city is Hong Kong, because it gave me life and is a great hub of commerce and history. New York, in only a few days, won me over to place it third in my list of favourite cities.

So, naturally, I’d be bitterly disappointed if I couldn’t visit it because some shrivelled, carpet-wearing tangerine-skinned demagogue deemed my country of birth the sole defining characteristic as to whether or not I was going to topple him from his perch.

Oh! But wait! It’s alright! Theresa May and her spineless lickspittle Boris Johnson have saved the day! BRITISH-CITIZENS who would otherwise be banned can now access the US, despite being born in one of the counter-indicated countries! WOOP-DE-FUCKING-DOO. What difference does it make if YOU get special treatment, and yet still a shitload of others are forbidden from entry just because of their country of birth? The only thing more pathetic than the Trump administration is our shabby excuse of a parliament – proving once-and-for-all that Britain IS the snivelling little brat of a kid who sides with the bully in hopes of avoiding his wrath, not caring who gets trampled along the way.

So long as WE’RE okay, Jack.

What a shit world we’re living in. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks so. Thank goodness people with more influence than I agree.

Compassion and reason will save us. But we need to work together. And we need to STOP giving them the stick with which to beat us – politeness is useless if it enables fascism.

Let’s hope next week we get a break from the lunacy and we’re still angry about the same issues, not a brand new set…