Hullo all! Well, I’ve received my contracts, handed in my letter, and told most of the important people in my life about it, so I think it’s about time I shared the success of Secret Project X with you guys as well…

I’m moving back to Glasgow!

In a couple of months’ time, I’ll be heading back to the dear green place. I’ve had a good few years in Manchester, and I’ve met some amazing people. But every time I go back to Glasgow, more and more of me wants to stay there. So I found myself a brand new job, and I’ll be back in time for summer!

Of course, this all means another big move, and big moves often mean big disruption. I used to maintain a good buffer to allow me to absorb this kind of thing, but as life has generally occurred, I’ve lost a great deal of that buffer. I’m not 100% sure I can cover myself completely by trying to generate a new buffer; as you can tell, I’ve got plenty to do and organise in the meantime! But here is where I have a cunning plan…

FANART! I know that many of you guys are talented artists yourselves, and I’ll be honest; I’m DYING to see what you guys could come up with! Plus, it would really help me out! So, here’s the deal:

What I’m looking for:

  • A single piece of artwork or a one-page comic featuring one or more of the Elf Blood characters.
  • This can be done in any medium. Digital art, pencil sketches, 3D modelling, macaroni pictures… You do it, I’ll consider it!
  • I’m looking to get 2-4 pics out of this in total, just to give me a couple of weeks’ worth of breather room.
  • I’ll pick the ones I like best at the end of the month, and will contact the successful artists to confirm that I’ve got permission to upload them to the site as the comic entry for that day (some re-sizing may take place).
  • You’ve got until the end of May, so get scribblin’!

What you’ll get:

  • A warm fuzzy feeling.
  • I’ll credit you in the blog post, and will put up a link there to wherever you’d like; I get about 3000 unique readers every month, so it’s a good chance to share your art with the other awesome people who read Elf Blood!
  • I’ll send you a signed pencil sketch (on fancy paper and everything) of an Elf Blood character of your choice, doing whatever you want (within the bounds of taste, of course)

I’ll be reminding everyone about this throughout May. The email address you’ll want to send your stuff to is:

Might as well use the Artist with an Engineering Degree address for the competition, seeing as how THAT side-project’s been delayed.

I hope you’ll give it a shot! I’d love to see what you guys can come up with 😀