Aiyaa, it’s getting really cold here, now! Even my little fan heater’s struggling to heat up the flat. I can just about maintain a temperature of about 20 degrees centigrade, but beyond that I can only really achieve if I’m roasting something in the oven at the same time, or playing a graphically intensive game.

Which, I think points to the fact that I should eat more roasted food and play longer on Battlefield 4.

… Oh wait, I’m on a diet, and I’ve got an art schedule to stick to 😛

Sometimes I do wonder if I wouldn’t mind living somewhere where it was summer all-year round. But y’know what? I actually don’t mind the cold weather. If I moved, say, back to Hong Kong, I would definitely miss the snow. I’d miss the oddly rewarding sensation of walking a mile in the chill, the rain and the wind, and coming in to warm up and listen to the roaring gales outside.

I doubt I’d enjoy a particularly extreme winter, though. Canada during the winter sounds absolutely beautiful, but also somewhat crippling to a person who doesn’t particularly enjoy driving 😛

Right, I’m off to eagerly await lunch later. I believe the pub is calling. As are the Bloody Marys. Top-notch cocktail, right there.

Cheerio th’noo!