Hullo everybody! Hope you’re all doing well, and you didn’t mind too much that I had to put up a non-comic page for Monday. As you can see, it’s back to business as usual today!

This is maybe the third or fourth page I’ve done now trialling the Lazy Nezumi pen-smoothing add-in for Photoshop. I have to say, I’m sure it’s helping me complete my inking a LOT more quickly than I used to, and it’s definitely allowing me to present much finer detail. I also think that, in general, my characters are definitely looking better – Although I’m not really sure what’s going on with the Accountant/Engineer’s face on this page. He just looks younger, somehow… Also, for some reason Goss has gotten a massive forehead in the last couple of pages… Either that or maybe it’s her hairstyle that makes it look that way.

My backgrounds still need a lot of work – I struggle sometimes to get the right balance of detail and open-ness. Most of this page I think is fine, apart from the final panel. If I had more time, I would probably redo it so that it properly looked like Pathfinder was sitting beside a wall, and not just kind of floating in space.

Live and you learn, eh? What do you guys think, is Lazy Nezumi providing better drawing quality? Or is it not particularly noticeable? Please do let me know, I really value your feedback!

Tara for now! 😀