Today’s blog post is a true and proper rant, so batten down the hatches!

Imagine, if you will, a clothing store. You select a few items off the racks that you want to try on, and you head to the changing rooms. You get in, and you put on that new pair of jeans, or that nice jacket, or that dashing cummerbund, and stand there admiring your potential purchase in the mirror. Except that in that mirror, you also see another customer, already in your cubicle, with their own items in hand. They say nothing, merely stand there staring at you in the store’s clothes. It feels a little awkward, and you feel like you should say something to them, since they ARE invading your personal space and obviously trying to put pressure on you to finish so that they can speed up getting back to whatever passes for a life in their world.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE STAND AT THE SELF-CHECKOUT MACHINES IN SUPERMARKETS, WHILE I’M STILL PACKING MY PURCHASES AWAY. It’s incredibly rude, it’s off-putting, and it shows an intense lack of patience that is rapidly becoming endemic in the general public, at least around here. I can definitely tell you that in Glasgow, this sort of thing doesn’t happen so often:People wait to get on board the bus, they don’t crowd the tills, and despite popular opinion, we don’t wander around town with faces like we’ve just found mould on our sandwiches. Is it just Manchester that seems to display this lack of social adjustment? Or has Glasgow somehow become a paragon of manners?

Anyway, food for thought! See you all again on Monday! The script for the Dreamland arc is coming along REALLY nicely. I think you’re going to like the first three pages of it, but some people are also going to hate me for it 😛

Ciao for now!