Hola, everyone!

Y’know, something got me thinking earlier: Why is it that certain cities get used over and over again in films, comics, and TV shows? I’m thinking London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo.

Of course, the main reason is primarily one of familiarity. It’s self-reinforcing as well; as more people consume the material set in these places, more and more people become familiar with the settings and so the concept of using these cities becomes more attractive.

Now, this is where I got thinking a bit. There are more than a few bits of media set in Glasgow. I’m thinking Taggart (police drama), Sea of Souls (incredibly underrated paranormal drama), Still Game/Chewin’ The Fat (comedy), River City (soap opera). Now, most of you will probably never have heard of many of these (although I HIGHLY recommend Chewin’ The Fat), and you’ll notice that most of them are based in reality. Hell, even Sea of Souls was mostly realistic, and set in the present-day to boot.

Especially in the realms of science-fiction and other speculative fiction, such ‘uncommon’ cities seem to fall by the wayside. Why don’t we have more mainstream speculative fiction set outside of the traditional cities? What I’d love to do is a cyberpunk series set in Glasgow. We’ve got the tech, we’ve got the noir, we’ve got the sprawling city with distinct differences between its districts. Somebody must’ve done it already! If you know of it, point me towards it!

Otherwise, I’ll just be sitting here, scheming away to bring such magic to a wider audience!

Oh, and I forgot to mention last week, best wishes to those of you on Ramadan fasting this month! Considering how warm it is and how long the days are, you’ve gotta be properly dedicated to survive it this year!

Anyway, toodlepip for now, all! See you on Monday!