This page was actually quite difficult to do: Not so much because of the content, but because I had to scrutinize every single detail of the art to make sure I was giving the moment the right amount of gravity. One off-model character, one goofy expression, one inappropriate sound effect, and the scene transforms from a traumatic explosion of aggression to a narm-tastic trivialisation of a threat faced by far too many.

It was particularly difficult to get the characters’ expressions right. the most-straightforward was probably Shanna in panel 6, mostly because her face is mostly covered by her hand and her eye just needed to be wide-open in shock. Fliss’ expression in panel 5 was by and far the most difficult one I’ve ever had to compose. The face is a hugely versatile and complex social tool, and even the subtlest modification in the positioning of any of those features can completely change the emotion that we’re representing. In this panel, I wanted to show not just shock, but also physical pain, sadness, fear and betrayal. I can’t tell you how many revisions I made to the pencils on that panel, because nothing I was drawing seemed to do the trick. Eventually, I had to give up and move on to complete the rest of the page before coming back to it and experimenting more until I finally found the combination I felt conveyed how Fliss felt following this unprovoked assault.

As I’ve stated several times before: Shanna is not a nice person. She’s not a BAD person, but this is definitely one of the worst things I’ve had her do. She’s a bully, barely containing her rage and using aggression to get what she wants. However, her natural instinct is to protect Fliss at all times; It’s a very horrific moment, as Shanna’s actions are simultaneously in and out of character for her. This action brings her more into line with her original Prodigy characterisation, and even then she’s still significantly more pleasant a person than Prodigy Shanna.

What’ll happen next? Will things get worse before they get better? Will they reconcile? And just who IS Fliss’ girlfriend? Keep reading, and all will be revealed…