Today, I’ll be throwing the Science of Electricity at some young kids; It’s half-term holiday, and the wonderful Manchester Museum of Science and Industry has invited some engineering representatives to help educate them in as fun a manner as possible!

In true Me form, I seized upon the chance to do something artistic. There’s something inherently satisfying about marrying Art and Science: To me, that’s what engineering should be about. I just don’t get to flex my creative muscle in my day job as much as I got to at university, and getting to do stuff like this helps remind me why I went into Engineering in the first place.

So if you’re out and about and looking for something fun to do in Manchester this week, drop by MOSI! It’ll be a blast, I promise 😀

Also, I have a proposal for all of you this Valentines Day: As it is traditionally the day I feel most miserable, what I’ve taken to doing recently is purchasing a Lego mini-kit to cheer myself up (Yes, I’m mentally 8 years old; It helps me create, honest!) What I suggest is this: EVERYONE should get a Lego minikit for Valentines Day! If you’re single, buy one, build it, and cheer yourself up with a nice little guided creative project! Even better, get together with your other single friends, pool together to buy a larger kit and spend a fun evening in good company! If you’ve got a significant other to spend the evening with, buy a kit and build it together, bond over one of the most fun toys ever to exist!

In short: Valentines Day doesn’t have to be ‘Us and Them’ between single people and couples. We should all get together over a nice session of lego building and some cake 🙂