Ello all, Manson-bot here. I’ve been rebooted, reinstalled and reconfigured. And while it’s not been conclusively proven that I was the cause of what could only be accurately described as the database explosion,  the schematics and digital fingerprints certainly look somewhat incriminating.

One new feature that Manson installed in me, however, was a quality-analysis-reference engine. Allow me to phrase this piece of computational logic as a series of questions: Do you like penguins? Do you like cute penguins? Do you like cute penguins helplessly lost on a misadventure across the globe? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you might like to navigate your browser toward human Manson’s good friend’s webcomic, The Lost Tribe of Pen G’Uin. It will satisfy all your penguin-related needs.

Anyway, enjoy today’s page and don’t forget, human Manson has a Christmas treat for you on Christmas day!