Hi everyone – I’d like to take today’s blog post and dedicate it to someone who recently passed away.

My good friend’s father, Mr. H., passed away on Friday evening after a short illness. His family were with him, from the home to the hospital. His passing came as a shock to all, and already he is sorely missed. The family, of course, are grieving the loss of a father, and a grandfather, and we friends of the family too are grieving in our own way.

For Mr. H. was a friend, himself. It would not be accurate to call him old fashioned, as he was a man of great intellect and proved to be most adaptive to life’s steady stream of curveballs. No, he was old-school; a good man all round, who made sure his family were well-provided for, and that knowledge and practicality were passed on not only to his own children, but to all of us who would show up in tow. He taught us all so much about so many things, having been many things in his life – a soldier, an entrepreneur, a chef, a scholar. And, most of all – a gentleman. And he was never afraid of a challenge, nor would he back down when there was a righteous battle to be fought.

He is survived by his wife, his children, and his grand children – and, though it is but a small mercy, we can at least understand that he passed knowing that his descendants were all free to pursue the paths they desired in life, and that they had grown – or are still growing – into being fine, upstanding people. People who I count among the very best of my friends.

This is certainly a time for sorrow, and I will not lie, I am shedding tears as I write this. But there is a great deal to remember him by, and he will be remembered – with great fondness. As a father, a grandfather, a husband, and a friend.

Rest in peace, Mr. H., and my condolences to his family.

Thank you.