I’ve got a creative fire in my belly this week. Not entirely sure why, but I reckon it’s to do with the excitement of working on the new story arc! I’ve been inspired to crack on with it, I’ve been driven to write more of my script for submission, I’ve had the impetus to write more of my novel, and I’ve even had the chance to draw a bit more of Memecasters Book 2. I still wish I had more time to write and to draw, but right now, with the day getting longer and the post-Christmas malaise finally dying down, I’m finding it easier to get into my creative work again. I’ve not yet recaptured the energy I had, say, two years ago, but that’s probably down to me still not getting enough quality sleep and messing up my weekends. Still, it’s getting easier, and I’ve got a lot of my passion back, so it’s all good eh?

Now I just need a muse… *plot plot plot*