Hola! I know that a good number of you are quite keen on the world’s favourite pastime, cookery (citation needed), and I’ve shared some of my own recipes with you in the past. Today, however, I’m going to ask you all for some suggestions! I’ve just been chatting with one of my friends about the possibility of using baked camembert as a main course.

Now, usually I’ve found baked cheeses present as part of a sharing platter; with the sheer richness of camembert, it’s not difficult to see why. But would it be possible to have either a whole or a half a baked camembert as the central item in a main dish? I reckon so, if you got the rest of the dish right.

The solution I came up with was to serve the camembert with sundried tomatoes (or even maybe cherry tomatoes), thick slices of toasted wholewheat bread, and a rocket salad (possibly with vinaigrette dressing). My friend suggested serving it with redcurrants, crackerbread and black pudding.

Does anyone have any ideas for a dish with baked camembert as its central item? Post ’em up, and I might just try it!

Bon appetit!