And thus ends The Child story arc!

Hopefully you enjoyed it – it was a little more action-oriented than my usual fare, which was quite entertaining to draw. Most importantly though, I feel that I’ve improved my artwork throughout this arc. I actually took the time to learn a little bit about color-coordination, and while it’s still not perfect, I’ve definitely got a better look going now. I’ll still probably tweak it for the next arc, but still, the more you know! My lineart I feel has also improved, even if just a little bit!

I think I’ll be using the next Elf Blood story arc to improve on my storywriting abilities. I’ve been practicing with short prose and the next Mei Wu story, and I think I can get an even better mix of narrative and action!

Anyway, next up is a little breather page, and then we embark on the next chapter of the Mei Wu story! Hope you’re looking forward to that!

Toodle-oo for now, and catch you on Friday!