By now, I’m reasonably sure that ragging on reality TV is old-hat, and people are well aware of its shortcomings. The fact of the matter remains, however, that reality TV is still insanely popular and fills a rather large proportion of the broadcast schedule. I am, of course, talking about the seamier side of reality TV; Documentaries, informational programmes and the like are of course exempt.

No, I’m talking about the Jersey Shores, the Geordie Shores (which I genuinely thought was a parody at first), I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, some show I couldn’t be bothered learning the name of where everyone is an asshole but dressed in medieval costumes (seriously, the show exists, I think it’s called My Little Princess or something).

What’s the appeal? Reality TV shows are supposed to speak to the viewer by reminding them of themselves, to allow people to see their own lives from another perspective. Is this really borne out on the wings of Reality TV? Do people really live their lives as depicted within, or is the real attraction in somehow feeling BETTER about our own lives? In knowing that we can’t possibly be as stupid, irresponsible or obnoxious as the people in the show?

All in all, reality TV is a crass, but ultimately cheap way of making TV entertainment. And as long as people keep lapping it up, this travesty, this cancerous rectal polyp at the arse end of all media, will continue to leech off society.

Anyway, rant concluded! I shall see you all on Monday!