Aloha everyone! Hope you’ve been having a great week!

I thought I’d have some time to write a decent length post today, but rather fortunately I was too pressed to do so. My Grandpa, who you might remember from last Friday’s post, got out of the hospital today and is now back at home. He seems to be even more lucid and stronger than he has been over the last few years. He’s still confusing one or two things, which is to be expected of somebody suffering from any amount of dementia – but he’s doing so well.

I was going to deploy the phrase “words can’t express how happy I am”, but that would make me a piss-poor writer now, wouldn’t it? So, how happy am I? I feel like Grandpa’s snatched himself back from the brink, that he’s wandered right up to the edge of the mental abyss and thought to himself – “Y’know what, no. I can’t be bothered with that, right now.” I can see his old fighting spirit returning. He’s back to being the Grandpa I knew, who was such an important part of my childhood. An important part of my life, and my personality.

I’m so glad that Grandpa’s back home – Without him there, the house just doesn’t have the same atmosphere of boisterous joy. I just hope that his condition continues to remain good!

Hope you all have a good weekend!