Just a brief one today, but something I’ve been musing on. I’ve been playing Picross on my 3DS since just before I went to Cyprus, and by Great Mara is it addictive! For those of you not in the know, Picross is a puzzle game that’s essentially a graphical crossword; You’re presented with a grid, and given the number and size of filled pixel clusters  on each row and colum. It’s an interesting challenge, and makes for some excellent logical thinking opportunities. I freakin’ love it!

It’s gotten me thinking: Why, in general, do we love puzzles so much? They’ve been a popular pastime in all shapes and sizes for centuries, millennia. Perhaps it’s the chance to display intelligence that attracts us; humans, after all, love to flaunt our strengths. Probably a mating thing.

I think, for me, the real attraction of the puzzle is somehow outwitting them. It’s like an opponent who you can always defeat given enough time and effort, so it’s a challenge with a definite end condition and you know that you can get the reward of satisfaction at the end. Plus, it’s always fun to analyse something, experiment with a solution method and see the fruits of your labour.

Anyway, enjoy today’s page, and I’ll catch you all on Monday! Oh, also, for those of you in the UK, the brand new series of Red Dwarf is AMAZING. It’s like vintage dwarf, after you get past the initially shaky start. If you’re outside the UK, I’d still suggest finding a way to watch Red Dwarf Series X if you can, something tells me it’s going to be well worth it!