This rant will get mildly political, so those of you just here for the comics are excused from class early!

Now, I’m sure I’ve made mention of the British National Party in posts before the big database meltdown, but for those of you outside of the UK or who are otherwise unfamiliar with them, they are a far-right group that are gaining an alarming amount of legitimacy, mostly through disaffected areas in England.

The news story involving them this week comes as the London Mayoral elections loom over us. I say loom, because we’re constantly subjected to London-centric news despite such affairs not really affecting much of the rest of us, which I wouldn’t normally mind but what with the Olympics coming up we’re seeing a lot more ‘Yay, London, IT WILL BENEFIT US ALL’ which I believe mostly to be lies but oh well. Apparently, the major political parties withdrew their candidates from an interview upon hearing that the BNP candidate had also been invited.

Now, I understand the no-platform and no-platform-sharing policies. However, the fact that we live in a (limited) democracy should also indicate that whether or not we like the bastards, we must permit them to speak as well. (Biased opinions ahead, if you hadn’t figured) Especially if they appear to represent some people around the country. So long as they’re not doing anything illegal, surely we as decent people cannot in good conscience stop them from speaking? Having said that, I suppose not speaking alongside them does not actively PREVENT them from speaking. But it does seem somewhat contrary to our democratic nature.

And besides, the BNP is ripe for comedy. Nick Griffin once called mixed-race people ‘tragedies’, because of having the ‘burden’ of being mixed race ‘forced upon us’ without our consent. What the hell? Being mixed race is awesome. The only thing I wouldn’t miss about being mixed race is being talked about like I’m some sort of charity case by idiots like Griffin.

So let them speak in public: The more we see of them, the more we know who the bigots are. And knowing who your enemy is is probably the most vital piece of information you could ever have.

Anyway, enough serious. Go enjoy today’s comic!