Well, judging from the response I got from last week’s proposal, maybe Elf Blood’s blog isn’t the best place to refine my corporate writing style.

That’s fair enough, really! After all, this isn’t a stuffy office environment; ostensibly, it’s where I get to divulge what goes on in my mind to you guys, or keep you informed of developments. Maybe by changing it to corporate-speak, I would’ve made it feel less like my own words and more mechanical, more dispassionate.

The last thing I want to do, of course, is to put people off reading my little rants down here! Besides, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for me to practice that sort of thing at my dayjob, anyway. What I should REALLY be practicing out here is my creative writing, my plotting, scripting and prose. Stuff that doesn’t immediately pay the bills!

So I won’t be making that change, after all. And y’know what? I feel all the better for it. I might sneak in the odd bit that I’ve learned here and there… But it’ll still be written like it’s coming from me, not coming from Comms Exec #5 from Office 34-B 😀

Enjoy today’s page, all, and I’ll see you again on Friday!