Well, another fairly uneventful weekend has come and gone (entirely too quickly) but I did indulge in a little culinary awesomeness, which was most tasty!

Saturday’s serving was copied from an episode of Man v Food I once saw. Not one of the challenges, obviously – I hath not the material resources to tackle such mighty tasks. No, I made an attempt at a ‘Jucy Lucy’, a burger with a core of molten cheese. After much consideration, I went with 100% beef patties (home-made, of course), stuffed with grated Emmental (Swiss) and served on a bun with lettuce and sliced tomato, topped with sliced Canadian cheddar. Overall result: Friggin tasty. I do believe I could’ve made the burgers themselves larger and thinner, to contain more of the cheese filling, and it would’ve been even better. Also, I could’ve done a better job of re-sealing the two halves of the patty; Where the cheese seeps out, it becomes toasted rather than molten, which does give it a whole different flavour and texture. Definitely something I’ll try again!

Sunday’s offering was a breakfast dish – since I was up early, I decided to make Eggs Benedict. Rich, yes, but intensely delicious! A good breakfast like that really does set you up for the entire day. I did concede to use jarred Hollandaise sauce, as I don’t trust my ability to craft my own. I think if one were to make completely home-made Eggs Benedict, it would be advisable to prepare the sauce the evening before. I did accidentally leave my eggs poaching for a minute or two longer than normal, but I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed it; The yolk was not runny, but only JUST so; it was still delightfully soft! One thing that I’ll be trying in the future is the addition of a few capers, just to add a little extra tang to the dish. I also highly recommend serving the Eggs Benedict with mustard – French/Dijon is probably best, but English mustard is very nice too!

So, all in all, quite a delicious weekend! I’ve got a long weekend coming up – any suggestions as to what I should cook then?

Oh, and before I forget, I’m still accepting Elf Blood fanart up until the end of May, to help me out while I move at the end of June! If you’ve got something you’d like to send, please email me at awaned.official@gmail.com with your artwork attached! In return, I’ll do a pencil sketch of any Elf Blood character you’d like, sign it and send it to you, and if you’ve got a site you’d like me to direct people to, I’ll talk that up in the day’s blog post!

Ciao for now, everyone!