Hola, everybody!

Well, that’s another holiday week come and gone – let’s have a review of that list I made for myself, shall we?


  • MAIN QUEST: Complete a 5-page competition entry for this year’s Millarworld Talent Search – QUEST ABANDONED. I decided that it would do me more good to focus in on my own artwork and build up my skills and a name for myself that way before trying for industry work.
  • SIDEQUEST: Tidy up house – QUEST FAILED. Well, I DID put a bit of a dent in the old Cardboard Box situation…
  • MISC: Make bread – QUEST FAILED. Just didn’t have enough time!


  • FACTION QUEST: Finish off the music production for the Gallus Geeks – QUEST COMPLETE! And quite spiffy the music is, too, though I do say it myself!
  • FACTION QUEST: Complete my current series of Let’s Play videos for the Gallus Geeks. – QUEST COMPLETE! All of them are encoded, and waiting for upload to our YouTube channel – I’ll be focusing in on this next week!
  • FACTION QUEST: Complete the video intros for the Gallus Geeks – PARTIAL COMPLETION. I got the short intro done, the longer intro still eludes me somewhat.
  • CHARACTER QUEST: Continue on diet – PARTIAL COMPLETION. Weight maintained. I HAVE been on holiday, y’know! 😛
  • SIDEQUEST: Work on my Horror Buffet comics – QUEST COMPLETE! Not much progress, mind, but enough to reignite the creative spark!
  • MISC: Make Chilli – QUEST COMPLETE WITH OPTIONAL OBJECTIVES! Made chilli and included three squares of Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate. My word, how delicious it made it.

So, on balance, a fairly successful holiday! And the super bonus is, by Friday I’ll have lots more to talk about RE: The Gallus Geeks, which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all!

In the meantime, I’m going to have to dash – see you all again on Friday!