Welp, I’ve come to the end of another holiday week – Let’s see how I’ve done this time!

  • MAIN QUEST: Complete my commission to draw and paint a friend’s daughter for her Christmas present. – ALMOST COMPLETE! I just need to fix some of the backgrounds, which I’m hoping can be done in one or two more glazes.
  • MAIN QUEST: Tidy up this pig-sty. – ALMOST COMPLETE! The living room took longer than expected, so the kitchen is still an utter tip, but at least everywhere else is sparkling new and presentable!
  • MAIN QUEST: Complete at least one page of the Horror Buffet anthology. Bonus points if I can complete it! – ALMOST COMPLETE! I just need to put the shading on this page, so I’m hoping to do that tomorrow evening. I quite enjoyed doing this page actually, as it walks that fine line between horror and comedy.
  • SIDE QUEST: Replicate my delicious keema madras recipe. Seriously, it was… So damn tasty. – QUEST COMPLETE! Oh my word you guys, it was amazing. Not quite as spicy as last time, but damn flavoursome.
  • SIDE QUEST: Make some onigiri – Chicken and black bean, chilli prawn mayo, salt salmon. – QUEST COMPLETE! I even shared some with my good pal Bertiebaggio, who deemed them delicious!
  • SIDE QUEST: Get some Christmas shopping done. – QUEST FAILED SPECTACULARLY
  • FACTION QUEST: Record a Let’s Play of Manuel Samuel for The Gallus Geeks. – QUEST FAILED. I just didn’t get the time, unfortunately!
  • FACTION QUEST: Hold a Livestream of The Long Dark for The Gallus Geeks. – QUEST COMPLETE! It’s been really good fun, actually! Check out the recordings on the Gallus Geeks YouTube channel!

I think I also deserve a feckin medal for surviving the drinking session on Wednesday evening – met up with some old school friends at a bar one of them now owns. I have not drank like that since leaving Manchester – probably since leaving uni. 4 double rums and cokes and a shot of Jaegermeister. Bloody hell. Just about staggered to the taxi and into my house. ASIANS WERE NEVER MEANT TO DRINK LIKE THIS.

Also, a sidenote – I’ll be on holiday again, so you’ll get a page on Friday, but not on Monday unfortunately – I’ll try and do something quick and entertaining as filler, though! Normal service will resume the following week, and I thank you all for your patience!

For now, I shall bid you all cheerio! And I’ll catch you again on Friday.