Hey folks! Look! A story page, yay!

I’ve had a good couple of weeks off, and it was a REAL challenge to make myself not draw, but I’m all refreshed and raring to go! Really itching to get on with my comic work, and I’m starting again shortly by continuing my work on Luke Halsall’s comic Mindhacker. Trust me, you’re gonna love it when it’s done 😀

Been thinking a lot about work vs artwork over my time off. Suffice to say, returning to work this week has been a bit hard if I’m honest, especially when I’m slowly making headway with my ability to get artwork jobs that pay. I think I need a plan – and maybe some additional zen, too 😛

Fortunately, additional zen presents itself in the form of my sister’s new doggo 😀 He’s SO ADORABLE. A collie-alsatian-pekinese mix. He is a very good boy. Except when he refuses to get in the house when I’m dogsitting him and I have to carry him.

… It’s all just a ploy so I’ll carry him, isn’t it?

Anyways, enjoy today’s page! And have a great weekend!