Ahoy hoy everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, and had/are having a good Eid if you’re so inclined!

I come to you today with a potential proposal for experimentation. One of the problems I run into while tackling my weekly art workload is that often I’m too busy creating to create! By which I mean I prioritise my Elf Blood work over my print stuff, because I don’t want to miss out a day here and leave you guys hanging. If I lose part of the buffer due to holidays, I obviously have to dedicate more resources to restoring the buffer as soon as possible.

What I’m suggesting here is that on the odd occasion, between story arcs, I might insert a 10-page story in another setting. Specifically, a story called Mei Wu that I want to develop. It will be fairly similar to Elf Blood, nominally, with Chinese fox spirits as the focal characters and Chinese mythology as the setting.

Do you think you would be interested in this arrangement? You’d essentially be beta-testing my new print-works, and that’s something I find pretty exciting!

Anyway, let me know in the comments what you think, and I’ll keep you informed as to whether or not I’ll try this out!

Stay well, folks!