I’ve been quite busy recently working up some comics to cover myself while I’m away, so as a result I’ve been up quite late a few nights. I like to have the TV on in the background while I draw, and usually I’m watching Channel Dave (Yes, non-UKians, we have a channel called Dave, and it consists almost entirely of Top Gear and QI) but recently it’s been showing films of which I have little interest, and none of the other channels have had anything worth watching.

Except for ITV 2 (or 3, I forget which). Apparently in the late evening, but prior to midnight, they show a lot of my favouritestest detective show EVER. Agatha Christie’s Poirot, the iconic David Suchet series. If you guys haven’t seen these, I highly recommend them! Now, I love TV Poirot at the best of times: It’s set in the interbellum, it’s properly classy and the art deco aesthetic is phenomenally exciting. But the ITV series of Poirot is just fantastic. The production values are exceptional, and the huge investment poured into the original series has clearly paid off; They have stood the test of time incredibly well, and look just as fresh as if they had been shot today.

Additionally, there is no other actor who can match David Suchet for his portrayal of Poirot. The two are synonymous in my mind, and Suchet brings such a warmth to the character. He is kind, caring and accommodating to the innocent and the victims, while tolerating absolutely no nonsense from the guilty and the self-interested. He is cunning, but able to hoodwink even the cleverest of his adversaries by acting the part of the mystified foreigner. And above all, he is a CLASSY mofo. It’s the moustache that does it, I think.

Ah, Poirot. You are awesome. Go watch it, and be entertained!