Among my five billion and thirty three point six other projects, I’ve been giving some thought to, at some distant point in the future, writing a one-act play.

Problem: the last time I was involved in a theatre production was about eight years ago now, I’ve never been involved with independent theatre, I’ve never written a play before, and between the comic, art class, and my newly burgeoning social life (I know, I was as shocked as you are!) I’m just not sure I can commit to an amateur dramatics group.

N0w, I know I can get a couple of quality mates together to perform small plays. And I’m fairly certain I shouldn’t have a problem actually writing the play – after all, comics are very similar in structure and style, surprisingly so. But I’m not 100% on what exactly I can do to put one on. I would imagine I could easily rent out one of the local community halls, or church halls, and put up a few posters around. Start small, etc. etc.
Have any of you guys been involved in amateur theatre before? Any tips, hints, or online resources that I could do with looking at? Any help at all would be much appreciated!M.