Hi everyone, so very sorry, you’ll have to put up with just one more week of filler I’m afraid! Paisley Comic Con went well, managed to cover my costs and met some great people (some of whom I hope are reading, and if you are – Hi! :D)

Unfortunately, this week (and, frankly, next) has been incredibly busy at work, plus I had a piece of paid artwork to complete too, so I hope you’ll forgive me for posting up a single piece of artwork! This is the finished version of the thumbnail I posted last week, hopefully a bit more interesting!

It’s called “Twilight”, and it tries to capture that unique feeling just between last light and evening, when it’s still a bit bright out but all the shops are switching on their neon signs and getting ready for the evening rush. The calm before the storm, where everyone’s getting out of work and meeting up to go for dinner.

Hope you like it! Comics next week, I promise!