I will admit, I actually had to stop and consider whether or not I’d do an Extra page today, seeing as how I’ve had to rely on doing more of these shorter-to-produce Extra pages to cover times when I’ve not been able to complete a story page in time. As you can see, I decided to go ahead with it – It just feels right to have a little bit of a break in-between major blocks of the current arc.

Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! This is one of the pivotal moments in the Elf Blood overall arc, and sets up a few things in the future – all I’m going to say is prepare for drama!

Oh, and I will apologise in advance – I’m going to try and update as regularly as possible over the next few weeks, but I’ve got a job in that needs some major focus, so occasionally I may have to fall back on the crutch of unscheduled Extra posts. But it’s a big break for me both profesionally and ethically, so I hope you’ll understand!

Perhaps I’m worrying too much in advance. It’ll all work out though!

See you on Friday!