Hola, everyone!

After last week’s somewhat grim and dour, but nonetheless thought-provoking article (though I do say so myself!), I thought what I’d do instead today was list some of the best pranks we’ve pulled in the office. Er, by which I mean an anonymous perpatrator pulled off. Honestly.

1: The remote-control buzzer. Hidden in strategic locations around the lab and the office, the buzzer is best activated when the Health and Safety advisor is in the vicinty, causing them hunt through the entire building for the sourc of the noise. Bonus points if you hide the buzzer under the desk of your co-conspirator, causing them to go mad.

2: Assaulting a scale model of an offshore substation platform with two armies of tiny plastic soldiers. Bonus points if you can schedule the offensive to coincide with a customer visit.

3: Helpful labelling. Colleague on holiday for a couple of weeks? Help them readjust to the workplace by adding little post-it-notes to explain the function of all their bits, pieces and doodads! Don’t forget to label the labels as well!

4: Half-size staples. Take your colleague’s stapler. Using a pair of wirecutters, carefully remove a small part of the length along ONE of the legs of the pack of staples, and replace them in the stapler. Observe as your clients receive incredibly badly mashed documents with multiple staple holes.

Stuff we’d like to do:

– Wrap every individual item on colleague’s desk in tinfoil

– Grow watercress in colleague’s keyboard

– giant chess using lab floor tiles and lab equipment

Happy practical joking, people 😛