Hola! Me llamo piscina de la muerte.

*cough* Anyhoo, today’s post is just a quick little thing without any information or argument on the referendum, as (somewhat ironically) I’m writing an article that I’m hoping to get published. If it doesn’t get picked up, I’ll post it up here so it at least gets read by you guys!

In the meantime, have an awesome weekend – There’s tabletop roleplaying to be had here at Casa de Manson this evening, which should prove to be awesome fun. Last time we ran mashup RP, we wound up in a Medieval Cyberpunk set in an Abandoned Lab. Red9, who you’ve seen around the comments, managed to defeat a demon by smacking it in the face with a magical rocket launcher. A loaded magical rocket launcher. That his character had misidentified as a club.

These are the awesome moments one experiences when one plays tabletop RPGs 😀