Ahoy hoy mateys! Hope you’re all doing well!

I finally got round to setting up my new art machine – been working on my laptop for a whole year now, figured it’s about time I actually got a proper workhorse put in place. I decided to go with a professional build service – if you’re looking for one, I cannot recommend Scan.co.uk highly enough. Quality, tidy build, good components at a reasonable price, delivered the next day. Hugely happy with the machine, am looking forward to spending at least the next 5 years with it! And who knows where I might be at the end of those 5…?

I think I’ve managed to get everything set up to how I like it, again, though I’m still finding niggling little settings that I’ve long since forgotten to tweak. So do forgive me if the artwork is a teeeeeny tiny bit inconsistent or slightly off for the next week or so! Hopefully should adjust fairly quickly.

Anyhoodles, better skedaddle for now. Have a great week, guys, and I’ll catch you again on Friday!