Like so many others, I used to actively resent Valentines Day. I thought today was going to be like all my other Valentines Days alone (i.e. all of them), but something occurred to me; what good does it do? All bitterness does is bring you down and bring everyone around you down; If you can’t be happy, then at least try and make others or let them be happy. At least that way you leave the world at least as good a place as you found it.

Sure, Valentines Day is over-commercialised, and sure, people should be able to express affection at any other time of the year to each other. But there’s no harm in making a little extra effort on one day, is there? If somebody wants to use Valentine’s Day to give them an excuse to make their lover extra happy, more power to them. If somebody only declares their love for their partner on Valentine’s Day, it’s no business of mine and certainly not for me to ruin with bitterness and crankiness.

Live and let live, as they say!