It’s a Friday update, which as usual means a quick post!

But wait, what’s this? Three random musings for the price of one? What’s the catch? I only need to sign up for the store credit card? COUNT ME IN!

Musing the first: Defusing Trolls in Battlefield 3

So, I was waiting for my regular pilot to return from his forays in the jet to take us up in the air in the attack chopper. Unfortunately, somebody had made it his mission to harass me as I waited, shooting me randomly and shining a light in my face. Wishing to express my irritation in as light-hearted a way as possible, I queried:


‘UMAD BRO?’ came the inevitable response. Not willing to be outdone, I decided to counter with more /b/anter;

‘MOAR MUDKIPZ’ I cried, not really sure what kind of reaction I was expecting. A pregnant pause, a moment of fleeting calm and quiet passed, and the player nodded in my direction.

‘CHOOSE PIKACHU’ he intimated, before shuffling off along on his own business. Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the key to defusing trolls: Wield your memes like a sword and parry like a pro.

Musing the second: King of the Hill and Buddhism

I just noticed how awesome the buddhism episode of King of the Hill actually is. [Spoilers ahead] Even though Bobby chooses correctly the item marking him as the reincarnation, the lama proclaims him to be wrong, and that he will have to stay with his family and friends. while it is intimated in the episode itself, it only really hit me that such a decision is actually very decidedly buddhist; While Bobby’s neighbours believe ascension to such a rank to be the way to happiness, the lama realises that happiness is, of course, the way, and permits Bobby to continue living his unremarkable but very contented and happy life. It’s actually very heartwarming, and still brings a tear to my eye.

Er, I mean, still makes me realise I’ve got something in my eye. Honest!

Musing the third: I can make awesome burgers

Take 250g of minced beef, add a handful of chopped fresh coriander (cilantro for non-UK peeps), a teaspoon of basil, one large egg, enough cornflour to make the mixture firm. Add a few twists of black pepper and a couple of level tablespoons of salt. Mix well by hand until the mixture is consistent and reasonably smooth. Separate out into patties (I made 5) and pre-heat a pan. DON’T PUT OIL IN THE PAN. Simply add the burgers to the pan and grill evenly on both sides. Lovely, simple burgers with an excellent flavour. Serve in a bun, with salad, or however else you fancy it really. It’s just tasty meat!

Sorry I don’t actually have measures, since I tend to work on the ‘pile’ system in the kitchen; I grab a pile of stuff and roughly estimate how much of it I need, then chuck it in until it looks like it’s been cooked thoroughly enough.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that trio of ramblings!