I HAD prepared a gripe about people and their inability to write appropriate and meaningful briefs for graphic design, but then I noticed; This is the 300th page of Elf Blood! How awesome is that?

Again, thanks for reading the comic. It’s great to see people reading, commenting and engaging with the story, as truly the best reward for me is knowing that I’m entertaining you guys!

So, what’ve I got planned for the comic? Well, here’s a bit of a list of some big things, and some smaller but still interesting things!

– Millie gets a day in the limelight with a story that takes us on a journey underwater with the as-yet-unseen but mentioned Zeelf/Meeralf/Sea Elves on the trail of the ancient human settlement of Atlantis.
– We see some of the characters in a flashback as they graduate from the Akademische, and learn about the origins of SKO and King’s relationship.
– Mint gets some competition for Mara’s affections.
– Cecelie still can’t bring herself to express her true feelings for Mint.
– We get to meet the recently rare tribe of Keijulumeen/Schneealf/Snow Elves, and discover their agenda for Alfheim.
– Tragedy!
– TechNeX corporation, and their SpiriTech Implants.

This is by no means an extensive list, but hopefully shall whet your appetite for Elf Blood 😀

Oh, and if any of you speak Suomi, I could probably do with having the word Keijulumeen checked. It’s a draft name at this stage, but I wanted to deal with elves who went east, rather than south during the Alfen migration. They’re a relatively wild tribe, and are much closer to the nature-loving tree-hugging elves of other fantasy titles. They’re also fiercely territorial and excellent woodsmen, skilled in the use of forests for concealment and brutal surprise attacks.

Anyway, shall catch you all on Monday, for one of the pages I’ve most looked forward to drawing 😀