Hey folks! The run-up to Thought Bubble 2018 continues unabated! Meet Gordito, the final member of Hot Vinyl Skate Pack #1. Along with Bones and Gem from last week, he’s been sent off to the vinyl supplier. I’m also planning on producing a sheet of paper stickers featuring these characters, and maybe three badges with the characters on them too, as part of Skate Pack #1. All about that value for money!

I also sent Horror Buffet Issue 2 off to the printers, and after correcting a piece of terrible lettering that I did, it should be rolling off the (digital print) presses very shortly! Very excited 🙂 Will also be able to do a table deal with Horror Buffet #1 and #2, which is cool!

Anyways, I miiiiiight be able to do a story page next week. I’ll certainly try to do so, but with Con stuff building up and building up, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee it! There’ll definitely be something up, though – probably some of the stickers, or the button badges.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll catch you next week!