Greetings all! Just another tiny little tweak in the shading: It was looking just a little dark for the last couple of pages, but I think I’ve managed to bring the multiplication layer under control, with much more subtle results. Quite looking forward to carrying this through to create unique moods for varying scenes!

I really enjoy depicting badass characters in vulnerable moments like this. I always envisioned Shanna to be a fairly angry, hot-headed character whose particular motivation in life was maintaining a relationship with her sister, as uneasy as that relationship might be. Remove that safety valve and you’re going to get an outpouring of emotion. It would be far too easy to unleash Shanna’s rage, but that would make no sense; She’s so angry and violent under normal circumstances, she could not possibly have been suppressing her hostile nature. It makes far more sense to release her sensitive, sorrowful side, which provides not only a logical path for her emotions to flow down but also allows us to see the stark contrast between a character’s external self and her inner personality.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to ponder the revelation until Friday! My art style should settle down a bit more in the next week or so as well, so you can look forward to that too. Hope the changes I’m making are pleasing you!

Ciao for now,