Y’know when you do that thing where you put something off for a long time, and when you come to finally do it, it’s a complete mess and you realise you’ve got a whole lot more work you gotta do?

That totally just happened to me. I’ve been sitting on this script for a while. Two years, in fact, it’s been ready for submission – or so I thought. The past week was sufficiently… intense that I was motivated to push along the path towards working as a writer. When I came to review the work that I’d already done, however, I realised that in the intervening two years, I’ve learned a lot more about my craft, and the requirements around it. The script, while still good, was not excellent, and is in need of a dialogue edit. The synopsis is atrocious, and needs a massive overhaul.

Sure, it sounds like the perfect opportunity for me to stall for time again, and to raise the question “When will I declare my work ready”. But I’m actively working on this now – Significantly better than keeping the script in reserve, I would say!

Right, I’m off to thrash out this synopsis rework. More updates on Friday, I’m sure!