I’ve not been sleeping properly these last few weeks; nothing major, just part of ye olde depression-and-anxiety mood cycle! But, rather than sit around allowing it to get to me, I decided that I’d take today off and do something completely different to what I usually do (as well as get a good night’s rest to reset my body clock).

To that end, I’m going to give abstract painting a go. So much of what I do is surprisingly limited: I write a lot, and must restrain myself within the bounds of logic and reason (well, it’s my overall goal anyway :P). I draw a lot, but it’s always within the bounds of form, aesthetic, panels, paper.

I thought it’d be nice and therapeutic to really give something new a go, something completely different to let my mind and my drawing arm free. Something that I would have no expectations of myself for, so that I could completely dedicate myself to de-stressing without working to a standard.

What do you guys do to de-stress? Is it something completely different to what you do normally, something similar, something that you can focus on, or something that you can just let your mind wander?

I’ll post up the results on Friday!