I’ve been REALLY negative over the last few posts (if you hadn’t noticed), so while I try and figure out a way to improve my work situation, I thought I’d inject a little positivity in here!

I bought myself a couple of new bookshelves recently – I love bookshelves, looking at them and how they’re organised can really tell you something about the person who owns them. Here’s how I’ve arranged mine, from top to bottom:

Living Room:

  • Artbooks
  • RPG Sourcebooks and artsy/in-depth graphic novels
  • DVD Boxsets
  • Bluray films and Anime
  • PS2 games (yes, I haven’t upgraded. Where else am I gonna play Capcom Fighting Jam?)


  • Fiction Novels (arranged by author)
  • Reference Books and Textbooks
  • Non-Fiction Books


  • Manga tankobon (assorted)
  • Marvel
  • Favourite manga tankobon (Battle Angel Alita, Laon, Tokyo Tribes)
  • More favourite manga tankobon (Bleach, Ironfist Chinmi)
  • DC (well, more like Batman, but we’ll call it DC)
  • Other assorted graphic novels, comics, and manga

What do you guys have on your bookshelves? How have you organised them?

See you on Friday!