Ah, those were some good birthday shenanigans. I highly recommend the Living Room on St. Vincent Street in Glasgow, for those of you in search of tasty cocktails and awesome atmosphere. Though it’s not required, I do advise dressing up a bit for the occasion: You’ll feel so much more suave and sophisticated. Try the Black Cherry and Vanilla Manhattan!

But anyway, to business, and today’s business concerns dreams. The word dream is very frequently used in day-to-day discussion; I dream of one day doing this, you dream of becoming a that, they have a dream of achieving something else. Somewhat related to my rant the other week about ideas and execution, I assert that dreams themselves are merely nascent goals. Life goals are dreams for which you have set out a reasonable, achievable plan to work towards. Perhaps they change throughout life, and having just turned 25 (mid-twenties, argh), I thought that maybe my goals might have changed.

‘Hell no’, says Creative Me. I haven’t come this far, worked this damn hard just to drop my ambitions back down to ‘earn, eat, multiply, die’. This week, I was on holiday, and instead of chilling out like any sensible person might do, I’ve been prodigiously productive in the illustration of my upcoming graphic novel, Lemon Candies. Oh yeah, it’s been freakin’ tough at times, downright stressful and depressing at others. But I keep a hold of the joy I get when you guys talk to me, when you show your love for the characters I make, when you genuinely enjoy what’s going on. I love it when you ask me questions (and I encourage you to do so!), I love it when you get involved, and I particularly love it when I see somebody reading my comics for the first time and getting hooked! It’s these sensations that drive me to improve and progress, to really fight through the drudgery that is reality. Sure, I need to eat (though I could stand to miss a few meals I’ll admit :P), I need to have somewhere to stay, and that’s why I have to hold down a dayjob. But if I fight hard enough, work hard enough, practice and improve enough, maybe I’ll have a change to ditch that life and start a brand new one: The life I’ve dreamed of, the life I’ve set as my goal.

What drives you to succeed? What do you dream of? What goals and waypoints have you set yourself?