Hey gang! Sorry for this additional ‘Extra’ piece here, moving into the new place was just a little more exhausting than I’d figured it would be (because I’m an idiot and forgot the last two times I moved house). Normal service WILL resume this Friday, fear not, but please enjoy this drawing I did while loafing about in Central Park during my holiday to New York! The building I was drawing is just a couple of buildings down from the Dakota Building, made depressingly famous as the place where John Lennon was murdered. The reason I chose to draw this was largely because it was there as I sat down beside one of Central Park’s many ponds and lakes, and it provided an interesting challenge for me.

What was weird about drawing this was that I sat down and got the basic shape of the right-hand tower in place, and I looked around me again… And a massive boatload of people had shown up and were drawing the same thing I was! This kind of freaked me out – I felt like some sort of Pied Piper of Drawing. It turned out, however, that they were actually a very lovely group of folk who met up every couple of weeks to wander around and draw bits of Central Park. They invited me to join them, and I did consider it, but I also wanted to see the Metropolitan Museum before I finished my touristing for the day so I politely declined. Awesome people though, very nice.

I really enjoyed my trip to New York – I’m definitely going back to visit some time. And y’know what? If the opportunity presented itself to work and live there, I would definitely consider it… Although I will say this, it was a LOT more humid than I thought it would be.

Anyway, yes, I will be cracking the whip on myself and getting Friday’s comic done for you this week, as the heavy lifting for the house is done, now it’s mostly sorting stuff into cupboards and whatnot.

Cheerio for now guys!