Hooray, December is upon us and now I can justify getting all Christmassy and whatnot!

I love Christmastime. I’m not a religious man, myself, but there’s something magical about it (when you cut your way through the shell of corporate nonsense). Previously, to me, Christmas was all about coming home and meeting up with friends and family, my favourite people, people who I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I suppose the same is still true, even though I’m back up in Glasgow now. Next weekend, I’ll be heading down to Manchester to visit the friends I left earlier on in the year, and I must say I’m quite looking forward to it! I suspect that’ll be a new Christmas tradition, in addition to my usual festive favourites:

  • Christmas Tunes – preferably jazz!
  • Christmas dinner!
  • Christmas Custom Counterstrike (REALLY looking forward to that one)
  • The festive get-together with pals for tabletop RPGs and a nice home-cooked dinner
  • Decorating my work desk with tacky Christmas ornaments.
  • Attempting to cooperate with my sister to put up the Christmas tree

Ah, Christmastime. I do so love it.

Happy December, everyone! 😀